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hvandermade6900 Community Member Posts: 1
Hello I am using Inspier 18.2.2.

When i have created a multiple choice question (4Q radiobutton chrome metal)and run it there is one radio button that will not go to the checked visibility when i click on it, it does work because if i submit the question it gives the feedback of that specific radiobutton.

see the video for more details.


can anyone help me with this pls?


  • timk
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    What is in the textfield "Choice 2 text"? I can recreate the issue for options that have empty labels.
  • cainam
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    (I'm in 18.2.3)  Looks like it might be a bug?  I just tried it out, and it happens to me as well - seems to happen to whatever is the 3rd option.  Still happens if I go back in and take the image off the question answer.... workaround would be to create the question from scratch, and don't include an image in the actual question - just add that after on the page directly.
    - Adam Cain
  • tea
    tea Community Member Posts: 128
    Hi @hvandermade6900  I want to write a bug for the dev team, just want to make sure what the issue is.

    In your video I see the "Choice x text" blocks, in a question I created I only see the text block for a choice that I left text in (the others I removed the text while creating the question and used the image instead). Did you leave the choice text in when you created the question and delete it later? And then just add the images to the page and move them next to the radio buttons?

    -- I created a MC question, removed the text in the choices and used images instead while I was creating it. I left one with text and an image. With default radio buttons this works, but with any custom radio button the only one I ever see get the selected state is the one that also has text.

    When I deleted the choice text AFTER I created the question I will have issued with both default and custom. In short, I am seeing an issue I just want to make sure your issue is also covered with this.