Export QTI – application crash

trichter4585 Community Member Posts: 2
Lectora Inspire v.18.2.3

Problem exporting test to QTI file.

Steps: File – Export – QTI – Save => application crashes

„ims_qtiasiv1p2.dtd“ – a file is created

„xxxxx.XML“  – the file is not created

Thank you for your help…


  • Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention here and with our Support team.  At the moment the only workaround is to export as CSV, which has limitations when trying to import QTI into an LMS.  We will respond back when we have an update on a solution or workaround.
  • kjones4547
    kjones4547 Community Member Posts: 34
    How do you export the test as a csv?  It isn't listed as an option under Export.
  • tea
    tea Community Member Posts: 128
    @kjones4547  Under the Test Properties, there is an Export to CSV button

  • kjones4547
    kjones4547 Community Member Posts: 34
    Thanks @tea.  I never noticed it!  And it wasn't listed in the help files.