Publish SCORM packages for WorkDay Learning

We are migrating our courses from AICC based LMS to SCORM 2004 based WorkDay Learning LMS.

If it's a quiz-only course, it's fine by setting CMI_Completion_Status to completed.

If there is no quiz, then we can't use CMI alone. It would have error message "ssignable Unit A001 is missing a scored Test or a Modify Variable action for either AICC_Lesson_Status or AICC_Score. You must have at least one of these items somewhere in an assignable unit for AICC/SCORM compliance." If you just add an action to set AICC_lesson_status to completed, you can publish but you get errors when existing the course.

How do you set up an SCORM course without a quiz?



  • cainam
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    I believe you just need to add an action on a page - for mine I have it execute when the last page shows up.  Action Modify Variable

    Target: AICC_Lesson_Status

    Type: Set Equal To

    Value: Completed
    - Adam Cain
  • cpliu
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    We tried that before the system gives a LMSSetValue Error: Data Model Element Type Mismatch when exiting the course. The course shows completed in the report though, but the error message make it confusing for users.

    Where did you put the AICC completed action? Is it before or after CMI action?


  • timk
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    It's not the status that makes the difference between courses with and without a test. The action should be the same, i.e. "CMI_Completion_Status to completed". AICC_Lesson_Status is Scorm 1.2, "Data Model ... Mismatch" (more or less) means "Scorm Version Mismatch".

    The course must also provide a score. If there is a test the test score will be used automatically. If you don't have a test you need to set "AICC_Score" to some number, e.g. 100.
  • cpliu
    cpliu Community Member Posts: 237
    Thank you all for the suggestions. I eventually created a dummy test and submit that quiz and set AICC_lesson_Status to completed at its last page. Because it's a page the user never goes, it's never executed together with CMI_completion_status. With that I can publish and get completion status without any error messages. It shows the score to 0, and I will try to set it to 100 before process test.

    I thought it would be as easy as using CMI_completion_status on every situation, and it would just work.
  • timk
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    I did some research... Here's a correction to my post above:

    AICC_Lesson_Status is not Scorm 1.2 only.

    If you publish to Scorm 1.2, it is used for "cmi.core.lesson_status" (this is Scorm 1.2)

    Scorm 2004 has two variables for the status.

    When you publish to Scorm 2004, AICC_Lesson_Status is used for "cmi.success_status". This variable can only be "passed" or "failed" (or "unknown"). The error occurs becaue it must not be "completed".

    Then there's cmi.completion_status that can be "not attempted", "incomplete" or "completed" (or "unknown"). It must neither be "passed" nor "failed".

  • wheels
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  • kboadi-2391
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    Hello Community,

    We are also migrating from current LMS to Workday Learning and publishing courses in SCORM 2004 using Lectora. Quiz courses are working as expected getting completion status and grades recorded but unfortunately, we have been unsuccessful to have non-quiz courses published in SCORM using Lectora recording completion status. Have read through solutions provided here and have not seen any success so far. Is anybody here who can help with a solution?

  • carlfink
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    Kofi, you'll get better answers if you give more information. Exactly what are you trying to do, and exactly what error do you get?
  • cpliu
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    We're OK with unscored course now by adding AICC_Score = 100 action before CMI_completion_status = completed. We have 2 more issues that we can't resolve:
    1. A custom quiz with 2 sets of questions. If a student answers the question incorrectly, he or she would be given an alternative question (or the same question) after finishing all. The LMS would give the grade based on total questions in the quiz. So even if you get all questions correctly, you can only score 50 and fail the quiz. Is there a way for Lectora not to pass the questions not used to LMS or it's something you can set with WorkDay Learning (WDL)? How can we make WDL report the quiz result correctly?
    2.  Passing grade: It seems WDL has its own internal passing grade of either 75% or 80% no matter what the passing grade set up in Lectora. e.g., you have 90 as passing in Lectora. The pass/fail status shows up correctly in course, but WDL considers the student passed if the student scored 80.
    Any suggestions on how to resolve these issues?

    Thank you so much for the help.
  • cpliu
    cpliu Community Member Posts: 237
    Update: There is a Mastery Score setting at AU level. I never used it before. The default is 75%. It needs to be changed to be the same as passing score for the test we use. We still have no solution for the issue #1.

    Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks!
  • timk
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    If you wanted to use some other value for AICC_Score than the test score as it is, you'd have to uncheck "Include test score in overall score" in the tests properties. Now the test score is not used for AICC_Score any more, i.e. you can fill in any other value, e.g. a test section score or only the score of the one test a user has done.