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I am using Lectora 18 Publisher(online)
I have created a title with WCGA compatibility ON and not responsive with the size of 1009/692 size.
I have placed each elements in a sequence to read properly but after publishing it is not reading properly like it read some times 3rd text field first and the first text field in last. Apart from this it also resizes when i click maximize button of IE.
Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in Advance


  • leapinglizard
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    Check your heading styles
  • jsharma1621
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    Can u please explain more.
  • comalley5856
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    Jitendra -

    Let me start with a question and suggestion...

    Are you new to developing accessible e-Learning in Lectora? If so, learning how to do this from the ground-up would be beneficial for you.

    Without really seeing what's going on 'under the hood', any responses here should be considered only possibilities. For example, depending on how your Title is set up, the answer to your question could impact several things that you're doing. Like, are heading styles being used (as LL mentioned). Other settings can impact read order too, like Always On Top and Anchor Position.  You mentioned IE - does this happen in all Browsers and does the behavior change across screen readers? Have you cleared the cache, etc. Some research may be necessary.

    It's also important to understand that checking the Use Web Accessibility settings isn't going to make your title accessible. It is only going to provide a high-level check of your content.

    My suggestion is that you join the Lectora Accessibility User Group to participate in monthly discussions. When you join the LAUG http://thelaug.org/index.html, you will be added to my email distribution list and receive notices of our online monthly discussions. The next one is on March 26, 2020.

    In addition to the LAUG monthly discussions, we also have a group here on the Trivantis Comminity that you can join. It may be helpful for you in-between meetings to post questions and answers for others. https://community.trivantis.com/groups/lectora-accessibility-user-group-laug/

    LAUG Facilitator
  • jsharma1621
    jsharma1621 Community Member Posts: 12
    Thanks for the reply, but i have checked all it is not working fine. It is not reading in order what i want for Lectora Online. But if i create a title in lectora 16 (offline version) it works fine. I am wondering whether it is a bug for online??