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Is it possible to publish offline from Lectora Online? I have found some documentation about publishing offline, but I don't see that functionality within Lectora Online. I have a client request for the course to be put on a USB drive or even a CD (YIKES!)



  • tea
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    @jorchin.3930 no, that is currently not supported in Lectora Online
  • wheels
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    @tea is correct but here are some other things that might work:

    1) Publish to ReviewLink and add your client as a reviewer. ReviewLink is free because it's included with any Lectora license.

    2) Publish to HTML and unzip the files on a CD or USB drive. Internet browsers have security that might cause some issues with content launched from this type of media, so they probably cannot just click the index.html file (it may not work). We use a Chrome plugin to test HTML content locally. Your client could install this Chrome plugin and then point to the CD or USB drive to display the published title. Here is a link to the free Chrome plugin:

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks, guys.

    @wheels my first test was to kick out an HTML file and I did exactly what you said....I tried to open the index.html with no luck. Looks like the plugin and some instructions on the CD or USB drive might be the best option.