Progress bar in Audio Controller not showing on iPad

falcon44nkc Community Member Posts: 90

I’m on Lectora 18.2.3. When my published courses are viewed on the iPad, the progress bar in the audio controller doesn’t show any movement.

A few weeks ago, while on version 18.22, I noticed that this was happening in addition to the events synced with the audio not triggering. With the latest patch to 18.2.3, the synced events work fine, but there is still no movement in the progress section of the audio controller.  The pages set to autoplay do play automatically, but the progress bar in the audio controller shows no movement. However, on a few pages the audio doesn't start until after a click action and on these pages the progress bar does show movement.

This worked fine in version 17.

Does anyone know if there is a fix to this or if this will be in an upcoming patch? I’ve contacted support but have not received an answer.

Thank you!