Custom quiz to override AICC_Score

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I have a quiz that each question has an alternative question if the student does not get the first one right. If a student gets a question right the first try, the alternative question is skipped. I can calculate the actual score and pass it to AICC_SCORE but it's always get override by the system. For example, there are 10 regular questions and 10 alternative questions, my score would be based on the total questions answered but to Lectora there are 20 questions and the score is based on how many correct based on 20 questions.

Is there a way to override the Lectora builtin AICC_SCORE. I had it working in earlier version of Lectora all I did was passing the custom score to variable AICC_SCORE but now it's always back to score Lectora caculates.


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  • timk
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    You can uncheck "Include test score in overall score" in the properties of the test. This should prevent Lectora from filling the test score into AICC_Score automatically.
  • cpliu
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    That works. Thanks for the quick answer.