Specific Survey/Test question

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I've just received a list of pre test questions to create and it's unlike anything I have worked with before. The pre-test is a mix of survey questions and knowledge check questions. I have two main questions:

1) The first question in the survey section asks you to select your profession from the 4 listed options. Question 2 asks for you location. Question 3 is a multiple response question where you pick all that apply. Question 4 is where it gets tricky...the client is requesting that at this point the next set of questions is based on your answer to question 1. Almost like branching from a survey...is this doable?

2) Can I combine surveys and tests and have the results all submitted together? Or do the results need to be sent separately? i.e. once the user has finished the survey questions they hit submit and then move through the test questions and hit submit. I am asking because their current structure goes: survey questions—>test questions—>more survey questions

Please let me know if anyone can help and if that was a clear enough description of my situation!