Having issues with hyperlinks - V18.2.1

nscott8678 Community Member Posts: 14
I'm having issues with getting hyperlinks to activate the required target. I have one text box with three different hyperlinks. Each hyperlink activates a separate action group.

If for example I edit hyperlink 1, the changes are not committed correctly and will activate the target for hyperlink 3 instead. I go back in to edit and try again and again without success.

There seems to be a bug with getting hyperlinks to 'stick' once they are entered.

No matter how many times I try, I am unable to assign three separate actions to the three hyperlinks. I end up with two hyperlinks sharing the same action.

Anyone else seeing this?


  • cainam
    cainam Community Member Posts: 361 ♦ Idol ♦
    I just tried out using 5 hyperlinks in the same text block without issue in 18.2.1.  Did you happen to try and create a new text block and start fresh just to see if that makes a difference?  Maybe you can share that page?

    If you need something quick, you can just make the text blue and underlined without adding a hyperlink, and add a transparent button over the top for each link?
    - Adam Cain
  • nscott8678
    nscott8678 Community Member Posts: 14
    Yes, I was only able to sort it out by deleting the text box and starting over again.

    The process for adding hyperlinks seems quite fickle and troublesome.
  • carlfink
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    The process for adding hyperlinks seems quite fickle and troublesome.
    I never use the text hyperlinks. They are finicky (as you say) and sometimes hard to click on, because Lectora (and web browsers) treat the blank spaces between words and lines as null, which is irritating.

    I just use invisible buttons, as Adam suggested.
  • mnotermans5114
    mnotermans5114 Community Member Posts: 916
    Biggest issue with invisible buttons is that when designing for responsive, you might have to move them. In fact you have to make sure they are big enough else browser differences might turnmoil it and your element is not clickable anymore. I do use them too though, but you have to be aware of the issues of it...  as mentioned before.