Can Drag & Drop answers be placed into a scrolling window?

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Hello All,

I have a client request to create a drag & drop question with a specific feature. They want the answers to be set within a horizontal photo-gallery-style scrollbar. The learner would then scroll left and right to pick the dragable answer from the gallery and place them in a static drop zone. I'm concerned that there might be an overload of actions to plug in. Has anyone ever created anything like this?


  • phale-1444
    phale-1444 Community Member Posts: 5 ☆ Roadie ☆
    Oh wow. Almost a year later and no one has responded. Maybe a better question is where do people go to get their questions answered, lol.
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    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It seems like the Roadies were not able to help you get ready for your Gig. If you still need some assistance, please submit this posting to the Rockstars in the eLearning Brothers Customer Success team
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