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I've done a bit of searching and can't seem to find an answer so here goes! I am using Lectora Online and have the following questions in regards to navigation buttons.

1: Is it possible to add a keystroke action to my back and forward navigation arrows? I am using standard arrows from the Lectora Online library but it will not allow me to add a keystroke action.

2: Is it possible to disable the "next" arrow key until my audio clip has finished on all slides? That way the user knows the audio is finished and they are free to proceed.



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    Hi Jonathan (@jorchin.3930) hopefully I can provide you a little guidance on this.

    Keystroke actions used for navigation are usually added to the title and then inherited to pages. The trigger is on the keystroke and you put in the action, so it has nothing to do with the navigation buttons. Although I do understand how you got there!

    You can easily set the next button initially disabled (in the properties ribbon) and then add an action to your video object with the trigger Done Playing and the action Set State (Next Button) to enabled.

    Those are easy things to do. But then there are conditions you need to account for. If the student is coming back to a page where they already watched the video then you want to enable the next button right away. If they haven't watched the video then the Keystroke action shouldn't move forward either.

    The easiest built in way to handle these cases is by using the page tracking status.

    Unfortunately the help isn't all that good on this topic.

    Here are the things you need to add to handle the conditions:

    1) Add an action at the title level, On Show -> Set Tracking Status -> This Page -> In Progress
    - otherwise after the page loads the page would be marked Completed
    - you need to add a condition because if the page is completed then that status should not be changed
    - in your action click Always, in the conditional dialog select
    - keep This Page and the condition is Is Not Completed

    2) Complete your page using the Done Playing trigger (talked about earlier) on your video
    - Video Object -> Action -> Done Playing -> Set Tracking Status -> This Page -> Completed

    3) Put an action on your next button
    - Next Button -> Action -> On Page Show -> Set state -> Enabled (conditionally if This Page -> Is Completed)

    4) Add a condition to your Keystroke action for next
    - Conditionally if This Page -> Is Completed

    5) If you have pages without a video you can add this action to the page
    - Action -> On Show -> Set Tracking Status -> This Page -> Completed
    - This should happen before the object on show for the next button so the next button should enable
    - Having the page completed the Keystroke action navigation will work as well

    I know that is a pretty in depth answer but I hope it shows how much navigational control you have.

    Once you get a template setup then it's pretty smooth going.
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    Wow, thank you so much, Joe. This is my first time building a Lectora course and I am learning a lot along the way! I think I understand the steps as outlined although I am still wrapping my head around all the actions, variables, etc. We are still in the early stages of planning and building, but I am trying to get ahead of some of the functionality I know we will need.

    All that to say I may follow up in a few weeks as I dive deeper.