Hello! I'm new to the Trivantis Community and looking for support in CourseMill and general eLearning. I look forward to learning from this group's knowledge and expertise!

My initial search for my issue didn't come up with any results, so I apologize if this is already addressed somewhere else:

I'm using CourseMill (version 7.4.2). I'm experiencing a Gradebook ID Mismatch when I attempt to update pre-existing course material. The goal is to retain student course completion records, so that enrolled students won't have to retake the course. I've tried:
1) importing new course material using Import Content Package into the existing course,
2) replacing the existing content using Edit > Unpack Zip File and then changing the Launch File Name,
3) duplicating the course, deleting the course content, and importing the new course material
We are using and recommend our visitors use Google Chrome as a browser. The previous content was published in Adobe Captivate 8. The new content is being published in Articulate Storyline 3 using SCORM 1.2 publishing. I'm including two screenshots to help explain. Can anyone help me?

Further thoughts:
It would stand to reason that a pre-existing Captivate SCORM package, published now using Storyline, would not match according to CourseMill. In order to retain the Gradebook ID in CourseMill, we are manually changing the Storyline SCO id in the packaged XML. When we unpack the zip into an existing course, we then also need to identify the appropriate launch file that will record student completion. We first tried "story.html" and found student completions were not recorded. When we changed it to "index_lms.html", the completions were recorded.

We seem to only be experiencing this issue since moving from Captivate to Storyline. In a perfect world, we would be able to import the new Storyline package, without any changes to the SCORM files or CourseMill, student completions are retained, and new completions are recorded accurately. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated, and I can provide more details as needed!