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I am wondering if there is a way to select all the audio files in a title and change them to hidden. Currently, I have over 100 pages all with individual audio clips that appear with a play button to start the clip. My client is interested in seeing a version where there is no button to click play and the audio auto plays on each page. I'm worried about having to go in and do this one by one on each and every page.



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    You can export the title to a PKG

    rename the pkg to a .zip and unzip it with 7-Zip, go into the foler

    edit the XML and for each audio set: visible="false"    and   autostart="true"

    save, and zip the folder contents (stay in the folder and select all for the zip)

    rename the .zip to .pkg

    re-import into LO

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    You can use Notepad++ to edit the XML and be done quickly.

    Load the XML file and do Ctrl+F to bring up the Find window, then click on the replace tab.

    Change "Search Mode" to Regular Expression (bottom left of the replace tab).
    Find what: ^(<audio.*)(autostart="false")(.*?)(visible="true")
    Replace with: $1autostart="true"$3visible="false"

    Regular expressions are really helpful for these sorts of things. This is also an eye opener for us, we will work with the Product team to see if we can have some kind of an object finder that allows for modifying properties across the entire title.
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    Thanks so much for these replies, this is eye opening for me too! I am going to test this out later today.

    Joe, thanks for the insight into quickly editing the XML. What would I search for if I wanted to change them all from the speaker icon to the controller graphic?
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    One other quick follow up on the audio files. I started out by importing a PPT with audio attached to each slide. This came in great, but I am noticing that the audio does not play in safari unless I convert to MP3. I was searching for a quick way to convert all my audio files into MP3's and it seems like the resource manager would be my best bet. At least I have them all in a list and can go one by one and click the "convert to mp3" button. For some reason when I hit convert within the resource manager I get the grey overlay across my browser like its working or trying to bring up a dialog box, but then it just hangs and never converts (screenshot attached). I have tried this in Safari, Chrome and Firefox all on a Mac.

    Any thoughts?