Integration of Lectora Inspire into Canvas LMS (Certifications)

Hi there,

we use Canvas LMS in order to publish our Lectora Inspire Courses.

Is there a way to include canvas lms specific variables like student_name and others via the API in our courses? Did someone do that before and if so, what problems did you work around? (JS, Extensions, Calls etc.)

Basically what we are trying to do is make the Lectora standard certificate work with the canvas lms in order to show student names and the actual date.





  • cainam
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    Certainly - you can do all that out of the box (unless I'm missing something about your specific scenario - I've done this with a couple different LMS's).  You can do it from scratch yourself, but probably easier to start off with the Certificate Wizard (Insert - Certificate).
    1. make sure your title is designated AICC/SCORM (screenshot 1)
    2. The wizard will ask you if you want to use variable to set student name (screenshot 2)
    3. following page will ask you about the date option

    - Adam Cain