Lectora: Exiting title not working.

Lectora product version: v18.2.1

I have a simple button labeled 'Exit Title' and it runs the action: 'Exit/Close'

When I click it, nothing happens but I can see it is executing the actions since I set it to display a message.

I have tried the following:
  1. Turned seamless play off
  2. Turned published course will be presented in a separate window than the LMS to ON
We use an ASPX page where you click a button and it launches a new window (C#) and in that window, is where the lesson sits.

So I'm not sure if THAT is throwing it up, but if it is, I can probably custom close the lesson and just turn it into function calls... If needed, but I will need to know a couple other things:

If I have to make my own custom close button, that calls a function, is there anything special that I SHOULD do before closing a lesson? For example should I do things like




Are these even necessary?
Please advise. Thanks!