Lectora not sending test score to LMS (Saba)

creiko Community Member Posts: 2
I'm experiencing an issue with Lectora (v17).  I have a test set up and 2 variables at the end.
  1.  (on Show)Modify Variable
  2. AICC_Lesson_Status
  3. Set equal to
  4. Completed
  1. (On Show) Modify Variable
  3. Set equal to
  4. (blank) . - I want SCORM to pass the test score to the LMS.
When I test in both SCORM Cloud and LMS the completion is being captured, but no score is being passed.  This used to be how I set up the course and the score was always passed.    Am I doing something wrong?  Any ideas/help please?




  • timk
    timk Community Member Posts: 1,213 ♦ Idol ♦
    I don't understand how this should work. If you set AICC_Score to "" wouldn't this mean not to send a score, i. e. remove a value that's in it?  Try to set AICC_Score equal to the test score, e.g. VAR(Test_1_Score). Just select the test score variable from the list.

    Lectora would usually fill in the test score automatically, i.e. you don't need an action to set AICC_Score. Check your test settings whether "Include test score in overall score" is checked. If it is checked you may try to just remove the action.
  • brobertson4402
    brobertson4402 Community Member Posts: 24
    I've discovered that order of operation is important.  I believe it may be a SCORM standard but not sure.  Once the learning object is marked completed the score cannot change. Try reversing the order so the 'score' is set before 'completion'.