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We have random on the alternatives in about 20 questions. But in when vi testing this in our LMS we want to turn the random off. In our own tool we had before we used a variable 1=random, 0=not random. But I cant find that or a button or anything. I have search here in the forum but did not find...

Is there a way to do this that I have missed?

(We have also notised that random dos not work if you have a "transition in" like float on a question...)




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    Hi Josefin,

    Test processing works differently for random and not random tests.

    I would suggest that you:
    1) Set your test to not randomized
    2) Put all your questions into a test section and specify that as randomized
    3) Add a page after the random section with a button that calls a Process Test action
    4) When publishing for testing change the test section to not randomized.
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    Hi Joe!

    Thanks for your answer. Sorry if I dont understand you correct.

    I have a "test" with 20 "test sections" and each section have a question. (We logging all the answers that the users do to our LMS and calls the process test action on each interaction...)

    I dont understand where to set random on my alernatives on a test or test-section? I only find "Randomly select pages" and that I think is when you want to random the order on the questions? I´m talking about the alternatives.




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    Hi, sorry I didn't read your post properly. We do not have a global test level setting to turn off question choice randomization. Why do you do that, I'm curious because it would seem like you would want to test the course as your students will see it.

    Anyway, I created a sample title with a way to disable all question choice randomization by setting a variable before publishing the course. It will only work with Lectora Online, maybe this will work for you?
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    Thanks, I would test this tomorrow!

    We build scenarios/simulations and use to do that in our own tool thats now about 15 years old. We never understood why no one else did a tool like a flowchart like our... But we are to small to develop that and our own LMS (we produce e-learning and blended learning to..) But then we saw Branchtrack that had a flowchart like our..and a lot of things was nice, but its to simple. So now we decide to take the good parts from Lectora and ignore the bad one (still hope for flowchart) and our developer put a lot of energy to get out the data so we can measure everything like we use to. But everything did not work, for example we cant get the alternative-text out and we have to click on al alternatives once in the LMS to bee able to get our rapports right...AND all the alternatives in our simulations goes different ways. So its much easier to do that with no random =) And we always did the first tests like that before in our tool  to just to be sure that we had seen/test all the different parts.

    When we test it without random when we know that it works properly.

    A very long answer but you where curious ;)

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    Hi Josefin, @jwestlund6143

    As i do know Lectora's shortcomings too, and do love the Branchtrack / Articulate Storyline  flowchart approach too... i am quite interested in your tool and whats possible. In fact at the moment working on a workflow in which a user can define choose from pages in Google Slides to define his course. When done the data is sent to a database that actually is connected to a Lectora Online published course on our LMS, so the user can immediately see his/her course live and if needed edit it. Sounds like you are working on something similar so i would love to exchange tips and tricks.

    Kind regards,
    Math Notermans