Really great new setup i made

mnotermans5114 Community Member Posts: 916
Although it is not ready to share, i developed a really great workflow the last weeks. Having the issue ISD and SME's always create storyboards with too much text or bad layout and then having to spent hours and hours to get it right... and discussion with the ISD and SME's to explain them why its better to have less text ;-) i started using Google Slides as a replacement for Powerpoint, giving them some templates to work they layout(s) are more or less fixed and they can see how their texts workout. Nevertheless this still ended in bad layout pages and too much text.

So i always been looking and experimenting with techniques they could use to overcome that.

Now i created a prototype in which all that is.
The ISD and SME can edit a published page online. They see it as it will be in the course. They can change both texts and upload images. All that in an existing title. Text amount limited to what i setup, images always exact size and specified position. For now i only have 1 pagetemplate in which that works... a basic text and image page... gonna be working hard to get more templates in... multiplechoice and more... When i think i got all working as i want, i will show a demo of that inhere...

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