Drag and Drop Scoring/Grading

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I am trying to figure out the grading of Drag and Drop type questions.  Here is my Scenario.  I have a list I want placed in order from 1-5.  I have 8 items on the left (3 distractors).  If I say grade each item individually, the LMS grades the 3 items I didn't drag over saying "it was correct not to drag these items.  What I am trying to accomplish is to be able to see the 5 answers in the results and give a grade of 5 points (1 for each correct answer).

So do I make the question worth 1 mark or 5 marks?  I assume I cannot say grade individually because then the question will be out of 8 marks, rather than 5.  Am I correct?


  • cainam
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    How about changing the total point value to 5, then uncheck 'grade each choice', so they either get 5 points or nothing?
    - Adam Cain
  • aereaut-6284
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    Unfortunately this is a graded exam in which every mark counts.  They need 80% to pass.  So each question I create, students need the ability to get part marks. 3/5 or 1/5, etc
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    If you don't "Grade each choice" the question can only be correct or incorrect in total. The point value can (only) be used to give the question (or each of the parts) a higher weight in comparison to the other questions. It's not a variable that is "3" (of 5) if three parts are correct.

    You could try to create the dnd question outside the test, display it in a frame on the test page and make it modify 5 separate (invisible) test questions, one for each correctly droppable items. It probably won't work with "Seamless play" and will be much more effort than removing the distractors...