LMS upload error and extra characters

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Hello all.

Our client is having a problem uploading a couple of scorm packages to their LMS. When uploading they are seeing special characters in the web address:  ..\

Does anyone know the possible cause and fix for this? See the attached screenshots. When deleting the characters it loads properly however I am not sure if it is an error on their side or mine. Has anyone ever seen this before?

Currently using Lectora 18 on windows 10

Thanks for any insight.


  • These seem to be appended by the LMS on uploaded nowhere in our published files do I see "..\a001Index.html".

    Normally "..\" is a reference to a relative path.
  • cdandridge-1252
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    Thanks Jonattan.

    Any ideas on why this would happen on some files and not others? They state that 2 out of the 5 zip files sent are not working and have this issue. Any ideas of what they can do to avoid having to delete the added character each time they upload?
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    You aren't by any chance storing the Lectora project on a networked drive? Trivantis doesn't support that, the files must be on local storage to get a consistent result.
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    This is helpful. I'm not sure where the files are being held after I send. I shall check.