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aleal Community Member Posts: 7
Hi. has anyone ever built a multilingual template, say English and French content all in one course? I am thinking of a simple branching where user selects the language at the start then points to the corresponding content but I'm wondering if anyone had done something similar. TIA.



  • georgeb
    georgeb Community Member Posts: 43
    Well I did once 1 course in Dutch/English and added Polish later.

    Problem: Publish strings. These strings that say 'Loading course ...', Correct, incorrect, passed, failed etc around a test, you can only use 1 publish string in a course, sadly.

    My 'fix' was to create a publish string with unicode signs like the checkmark ✔, cross ✘ etc. to tell the students whether they answered a question wrong and what the correct answer is. (I only show incorrect questions in the test results)

    Edit: But for example: the string that tells a student in the test they need to fill in the question before proceeding needs all languages or something else.
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