SecurityError: Blocked a frame

Hi everyone!

I'm using Lectora Inspire 17 and uploading to LearnUpon LMS. A user recently alerted me to the fact that none of our SCORM courses would not launch on his iPhone. Having two iPhone models available to me (XR and 6s), I was able to reproduce the issue on both and reached out to LearnUpon support. They responded with the following:


It looks like when loaded over mobile, this SCORM course is trying to make a request that is being blocked by the browser on security grounds. I’ve attached a screenshot that you can send to Trivantis, as ultimately they would have to fix the code causing this.

The crux of the issue is this SCORM is trying to make a call to the parent window. Due to how LearnUpon (and many other cloud based LMS providers who) load SCORM content, the content is loaded from a number of domains. For example, your portal is loaded over a URL, but the content of the SCORM is loaded over a URL. is our Content Delivery Network (CDN) URL, which allows us to deliver content from the closest node to the learner taking the course. The code in the attached screenshot is being called from the, but trying to make a change to the parent window. This is blocked by the browser on security grounds, and is what is preventing this content from loading on mobile.

We recommend reviewing this SCORM and our screenshots with Trivantis. As mentioned, they will need to review their code and remove any entries that attempting to access unauthorized content.
I've included their screenshots. Is there a way I can edit the trivantis.js file post-publish? Or something I can put within the course pre-publish that will resolve this issue?

Please bear with me... I'm a one-person team in a small non-profit and I'm gonna need really specific instructions.

Thank you for any help you can offer!