Rank/Sequence Question with dropdown

tbanninga2873 Community Member Posts: 22

So I have created a Rank/Sequence question for the first time and made it dropdown options. Now when I preview it in Lectora online the options are in a random order, but when I publish it as html and then look at the question, the dropdown options are in the correct order, as in the the order that will make it correct. Is there some option I'm missing that will make sure the options are presented in a random order?




  • tea
    tea Community Member Posts: 128
    @tbanninga287  Hi Tanya,  we opened a bug and are looking into this. For now, can you unselect the droplist, until we get a fix?
  • tbanninga2873
    tbanninga2873 Community Member Posts: 22
    Hi Tea

    I had to change the question type as the course was in client review and the due date had passed.

    Has there been any progress with a solution?