Software for creating captions - audio and video

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Free way to create captions, but more time consuming:

Create a Camtasia video with your audio file and a placeholder text box, then upload to YouTube, which will automatically caption your video.  You can edit it before downloading the file in .vtt or .srt format.


Last week I found this software, Descript.  They have a free account, but it is pretty restrictive.  So, I purchased the pro version.  If you have the script, it generates a captioning file in less than a minute!  If not, it generates a caption file in 1-2 minutes.  You can then edit the file in the program.  Highly recommended! - $120/year for one person. $180/year for a team


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    kjones4547 Community Member Posts: 34
    I forgot to mention that it recognizes different speakers and indicates that in the captioning as well!