Platform Variable

dslinger Community Member Posts: 24

I have an anchored menu with buttons that show topic  navigation on mouse enter and hide on mouse exit.

On show, there is another button that takes the user to another section of the page.

I added actions to these buttons to show the navigation on mouse click IF
  • Platform>Contains>iPad
  • Platform>Contains>iPhone
  • Platform>Contains>Linux
(Any condition can be true)

I tested iPad and Android. On iPad, it doesn't show the navigation and nothing happens when I press the buttons.

On Android, I can't see the navigation when I click the first time, but apparently the hidden button shows up because a second click will move the page.




  • dslinger
    dslinger Community Member Posts: 24
    Disregard. I checked iPad again and the buttons are now showing up and working as intended when going to another page. Just not vertically to somewhere on the same page.