Is there a way to publish titles without MediaElementJS?

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Is there a way to publish titles without the MediaElement.JS (mejs) library? In short, my issue is that this library conflicts with another video player library that I must use which is a dependency for other code to run.




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    wr3030 Community Member Posts: 7
    Update/current solution:

    For now, I'm going with just loading my library in addition to MEJS being there and removing the MEJS instance on the page. The downside here is that the page load time is increased, but we can live with that for now.

    This is achieved by digging into an object stored in a global variable called mejs which gives developers access to all the instances of media element-powered players on the page. You can call a remove function to return to a non-mejs state of your video element. Below is a sample of code used to remove the first instance of mejs on the page.
    After this, I was able to successfully run my code and apply the video player framework that I need to use.

    In case anyone's interested, this is so that I could apply the videojs library and use the xAPI Video Profile which is dependent on videojs. It could work with MEJS, but the xAPI Video Profile reference implementation uses videoJS and it would require much time to rewrite their library to work with another video library. Maybe one day.