Issue with drag and drop question

tbanninga2873 Community Member Posts: 22

So I've been using Lectora online for 8 months now and I've had a persistent bug that requires me to completely rebuild a drag and drop question.  For some reason unknown to me, the drag and drop question drop zones completely vanish in the mobile views...sometime it is just the mobile, sometime it happens in tablet and mobile. I have attached an example .pkg. The second question is broken.

Has anyone else had this issue? The only way I've been able to fix it is to completely rebuild the question, trying to edit the existing one in any way does not work, neither can I copy/paste it to try and save time in re-creating it. There is no explanation on why it happens...I might have just edit some text or update and image on a completely different page or chapter in the eLearning, then it would break...

This has required a lot more testing and QC'ing every time we make amends on the eLearning and I can never guaranty that it will all be working by the time the client sees it. Plus then they carry out translations, which is another chance for it all to break.