How can I untick the multiple choice assessment question?

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Hi there,

I have created the assessment in Lectora 17 with multiple choice questions. I have a problem which I am hoping someone can help me here.

All questions have "All of the above" options now If “All of the above” is selected, can any other previously ticked boxes be either automatically unticked or ignored when checking the answer. The problem is that when reading the options down the page, you tick the correct answers until you reach the bottom (all of the above); if any answer other than ‘all of the above’ is ticked, the answer is marked incorrect.

Any help would be really appreciated.




  • cainam
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    I would just get rid of the "All of the above" option - you shouldn't need it on a multiple-response question.  Should really only need that option for single-response questions (questions with radio buttons vs check boxes)?
    - Adam Cain
  • carlfink
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    It would be fairly straightforward to script the unticking, but pedagogically "all of the above" is rarely the best choice in general.
  • timk
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    I agree with both Adam and Carl, that "All of the above" can hardly be used for a multiple response answer. It can only be the correct answer to a single choice question with multiple correct answers. But from my experience noone would read a question to the end because for 99.99 % of the questions "All of the above" is the correct answer, so I always click it right away.

    Another problem is that a multiple choice question with "All of the above" as one of the options would have 3 correct answers: Checking only "All of the above", Checking all but "All of the above" and Checking All options. It would be quite a lot of effort to handle all of these while the question in Lectora can only have 1 correct answer.

    But if you want to use it, add an action to the checkbox for "All of the above":

    On: Select/Change
    Action: Change Contents
    Target: Question 1
    Value: Set text
    Text: All of the above

    Condition: Only if "Question_0001" Does Not Contain "All of the above".