SCORM lesson_status 'stuck' in a specific day

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Hi all,

The problem I'm facing is to set the lesson_status for each AU that I have in the course. Using lectora 18 and Moodle 3.2

As you can see in the video, at some point it "locks" on a specific au and change the status juts for this specific AU.

in the picture you can see the strucutre in lectora, day 3 does not show but is identical to day 2.
day 0 has 1 page, the other days have 2 pages where the lesson_status is set to complete on the second page.
if I go to the day 1 it sets to incomplete, then going to the last page it set day 1 to complete with the green check, BUT when going to day 2 or 3 and trying to set it to complete it changes day 1 status, no matter if I'm in day 2, 3 or 0.

check the video:

Most strange is that if I publish the same package with and old lectora (version 9.3) it works correctly :(

any help will be appreciated,


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    forgot to post the strucutre picture, it's attached
  • rguerra5535
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    just an update. updating to lectora 18.1.4 and publishing solved the problem in firefox, using chrome still not mark the correct AU
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    Hi @rguerra5535

    My guess is Moodle is having a problem switching over from one SCO to another and "gets stuck". Lectora is just interacting with the LMS API and does not specify what SCO the LMS Commit is for.

    Can you open up the browser debugger and look into the console and see if there are any red errors on changing the SCO? Firefox is more lenient with errors so that might be why it's working in Firefox, or it could be intermittent.

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    If I remember correctly, in earlier versions of Lectora you would not have been allowed to have objects on title level, i.e. outside the AU. You might try to move and copy the buttons from the title level to each AU.

    I watched the video:

    You complete Day 0 and switch to Day 1 (00:41). I believe it works because the attempt on Day 0 is registered as "completed", moodle closes the AU correctly and opens / starts the attempt on Day 1.

    When you switch to Day 2 (00:54) Day 1 is "incomplete". It might be that moodle keeps the attempt on Day 1 open, and displays Day 2 in "Review mode". The LMS cannot have two Scorm packages / AUs open at the same time. As the command the button sends to the LMS is not AU specific it might still use the connection to the "Day 1" AU.

    You might try the following ...

    in Lectora:

    Setup the AUs in a way that each is a prerequisite of the next, i.e. so that you cannot continue unless the currently running AU is "completed".

    in Moodle:

    Set "Disable preview mode" to Yes.

    Set "Force completed" to Yes
    which is a setting that "is useful if the SCORM package does not handle revisiting an attempt correctly, in review or browse mode, or otherwise incorrectly issues the completion status.", i.e. to avoid status inconsistencies when switching back and forth between AUs.

    When I try to achieve things like this I would usually build 4 separate titles and use moodles "Conditions" to control the users access to the AUs.
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    hi guys, thanks for you replys and insights

    @Joe Wieloch
    I thought that this could be a Moodle issue too, but if were it should fail in both (as it was happening in version 18.0.1). I didn't see any errors in console for both browsers while navigating.

    I manage to update the moodle settigns as you suggested with no luck. In Lectora, I changed the buttons location to inside AU with same result, then moved them to inside each page, same result too. I can not use the prerequisite for the AU's as the lessons are free to navigate without order, and build separate courses unfortunately are not an option at this moment.
    The most strange is, as said before, that using Lectora 18.0.1 it failed in both browsers. updating to 18.1.4 it started to work with firefox. I'm talking here about the exact same package.

    Moreover with a older version of Lectora (9) that we used for a very long time this never happen. When updating to 18.0.1 the problem started, and updating it started to work in firefox. That's why it can't be a moodle issue.

    I really would like to have an official response from Trivantis team on this as this is easily to reproduce and say for sure if is a Lectora bug or not. I submitted in the support area but got no formal feedback from them :(

    Attached are 2 videos published in 18.1.4: a)working in firefox b) not working in chrome.

    working in firefox:

    not working in chrome: