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I'm using Lectora 17.1.8 and I'm working on a title that will let users comment, etc using social media.

I've read through the help manual and I was happy to discover that Lectora supported Facebook and Twitter.

Sadly, when I tested the published title online, the Facepile, Facebook send, and Feed widgets don't seem to work at all. Plus the Facebook comments widget is displayed cut-off and cannot be resized.

Has anyone got them to "work"? If you have is there anyway to specify and app_id for comments so that they can be moderated?


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    approg Community Member Posts: 250 ♪ Opening Act ♪
    I just tried Lectora Online with a Facebook comments widget and the preview only displays a light blue box in place of the widget. If I publish the title the widget does display but
    1. It seems fixed at some predetermined size
    2. I can't limit the number of comments to display at one time
    3. There are a bunch of comments from people I don't know
    4. There's no way to set an app_id
    Has anyone got them to work usefully :-(

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