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Hi All,

This is a bit more of a javascript question (I think). Anyway, I am wondering if there is a way of using javascript to find the correct answers to an MCQ before processing the question.

I have two needs for this. The first is showing ticks and crosses next to each answer, I know this is not the most time-consuming job to do manually, but if I can do it automatically it will save me a lot of time in the long run. The other reason being for testing purposes, my plan is to allow our testers to click a button and see the correct answers therefore making it quicker for them to test.

I'm fine with showing the ticks and crosses, it's just how to access the correct answers. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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    We have an outstanding enhancement to allow Change Contents on a Question to "Set Correct"

    This action could be used on show of a page to conditionally set the correct answer. It could be conditional based on a TestMode variable that you set when testing the course. Would this suffice for your use case?

    What do you need the tick marks for, and would you still need them if the correct answer could be set?
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    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

    I've not seen the change contents of a question before, is that available in 17 or is this only available to the newest versions? But I'm sure that could work for testing purposes.

    We'd like to have ticks and crosses for each answer as a lot of our clients want them in their courses. At the moment we are doing this manually by simply adding a tick or cross, whereas I was hoping there was a way of finding out which answers are correct, then using the change content action to update the marking automatically.

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    To clarify, <span class="handle-sign">@&lt;/span>jallen2116: after the student submits the question, you would like the page to self-modify so that the correct choice has a tick beside it, and the wrong answers have a cross? (Most Americans would write "check" or "checkmark" for the tick, and "x" for "cross". We think of "cross" as having a horizontal and a vertical stroke.)


    Edit: I didn't add those visible span tags, your instance of WordPress (or more likely one of your plugins) did that.
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    Hi CarlFink

    Ah I see the confusion, a language barrier between two countries who speak the same language haha. But yes that's right, as I say we've been doing this manually and I'm really hoping I can do this automatically to make our templates much quicker to use.

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    That's an interesting conversation. I have a very similar requirement but with Rank/Sequence questions. Mind if I follow it? I can't see any way of being advised automatically except by writing something. Thank you!
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    @jallen2116 @CarlFink

    Thanks for the clarifications on the ticks and crosses! I fully understand now and correct and incorrect choice indicators are a common use case. I will take that back to the team and see what we can do for future enhancements. Currently answers are not written out with questions in Lectora Desktop so it's not possible to script this. The only way to do this is to set these manually as you have been doing.

    Change Contents on a question has been around for a long time and should work for setting the correct answer for your testers. Right now you have to type in the correct answer for that action, we are working on an option for the Change Contents action for Questions to have a "Set Correct" option.
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    @Andrew Lian - it took me a bit to find this option as well.  ;  )  There is a 'subscribe' text button at the top of the conversation if you are a logged-in user.
    - Adam Cain