Test Results Page Using Results Designer (maybe)

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Hello Everyone,

it's been a while... I don't normally use Lectora to deliver quizzes and tests but someone recently asked me to produce a test for them. Tests in Lectora have the ability to produce a Results page - very nice BUT... the format is not at all what I would like to show the students. It seems a bit rigid. Is there any way to make it look better/different. I cannot find any variables relating to tests (except one - the final score).

Any advice (assuming what I wrote made sense) would be appreciated.






  • tea
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    Hi Andrew, if you select the Results page, under Properties you can open the Results Designer and customize the look of the results. You can add and remove choices, change fonts etc. Or is this still not what you are looking for?
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    Hello @tea and thanks for the response. I would like to get a bit more than that in the sense that I would like to rearrange the entire page. With the results designer, I can change fonts etc. but I cannot actually change the layout of the page or re-position certain elements (unless I have not understood how the results designer works).




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    @Andrew, in the Designer you can set up which choices to show, and position them in the order you want. For example, under the Correct Question tab you can click on the item "Question number" and change it to which ever item you want to show first. Any of the items can be removed or reordered, and there are a few items not on by default. You can add in any of these you want when you from the dropdown you'll get when you click on an item

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    @tea - Thank you!

    Sorry for the late reply. Yes, I know about these options but I cannot reposition them or change their wording. I know I can change fonts etc, but I would like to customize beyond this.

    I was wondering if anyone knew of (perhaps hidden) variable names that I could use to create my own results page.

    Feels like I have run out of options short of writing my own scoring system.

  • wheels
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    Can you describe what your desired format would be for test results? Is it something we could make generic enough that we could offer it as another results option? I am curious of what you are trying to do.
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    For example i need the feedback per wrong answered question on the resultspage. Using message text gives that, but when you enable feedback on a question you get it straightaway.

    Also i do need more layout options... im working on a results page so i will upload what i made with the limited possibilities in the existing Results Designer and what i actually wanted it to be....