Lectora 18 Crashing

cclark1204 Community Member Posts: 16
I recently installed Lectora 18 on my work machine, and it was working fine until 2-3 weeks ago.  I closed out of it like normal, then the next morning when I attempted to open it again, it opened briefly and crashed immediately afterwards.  I tried a few more times, restarting my computer each time, with no luck.

I submitted a support ticket, and was advised to download the service pack, which I did.  If I shut down or close out of Lectora, I am not able to reopen it, and must reinstall the program in order to use the program.  I have emailed Trivantis at least twice to advise of the issue, and have received no response.

Has anyone encountered this issue?  If so, was it a problem with Lectora or something having to do with your machine?