Save Publish Settings?

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I have ~150 titles to re-publish in the next week. They were originally published as Scorm 2004 files. When I open them to republish as Scorm, it defaults to Scorm 1.2. So for every single file, I have to change to 2004 and make changes to selections on the SCORM and HTML tabs. How can I save my publishing option selections between files?

Or...if anyone knows how the settings are determined so I can manipulate this a bit to be more efficient, I'd be grateful.



  • wheels
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    For Lectora Desktop the settings are in a file named <title name>.ini in the Title folder.
  • carlfink
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    Normally title.ini is saved whenever I publish. I'm not sure why that isn't happening for @erin.
  • tea
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    Erin, I just tried with 2 different titles, one published Scorm 2004 and the other 1.2.  Each time I opened one of the titles it selected the last scorm conformance I had published with.


    If I do not have the title.ini file (I deleted it as a quick test) the publish does default to SCORM 1.2 Compliant. Are you publishing the titles from the same folder, or are your titles copied to a new location and possibly you don't have the .ini files?
  • erin
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    Thanks all - I had deleted the .ini file. Makes sense now. :)