Adding Captivate html to Lectora 17

plawson1115 Community Member Posts: 8 ☆ Roadie ☆
Hi, I have Lectora 17 and am trying to move away from swf for obvious reasons. So I published the Captivate simulation to html. How do I add the html file to the Lectora course.


  • carlfink
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    @plawson115, I would suggest Insert >> Web Window >> Local Web Based Content. It's surprisingly easy to work with.
  • plawson1115
    plawson1115 Community Member Posts: 8 ☆ Roadie ☆
    Hi CarlFink, thanks for the quick reply. I see how to add the web window - local web based content, but what do I select from the captivate published html folder. There are several items in to.


    Please advice. Thanks,
  • wheels
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    You need to zip up the Captivate html publish folder, or maybe there is a way to publish from Captivate as a zip file? Anyway you need a zip file with the top directory having the index file (you don't want the html folder as an entry in the zip file).

    Then select the zip file for the Web Window Local Web Based Content item.

    Hope that make sense, you can install 7-zip to create the zip file if you do not already have a utility to do so.

    - Joe