Web window refused to connect

jmohr4076 Community Member Posts: 32 ☆ Roadie ☆
Hello Lectora community!

I'm in need of help. We are trying to get a web window to show within a course, so that employees can complete hands-on training within the course file - rather than exiting the course to visit another website. I can't get any web address to work. It just pops up with an error message saying the web address failed to connect. I even tried using something generic like Google.

The steps I am using are: Insert, Web Window, choose Web Address, type: https://elwoodtest.erecruitcloud.com/ into the URl box - select Preview and it appears to be working. But when I hit OK and try previewing it nothing happens. I tried publishing the course to our LMS (CourseMill) and it's just a white screen with the error message that the web address failed to connect. Is there something else I should be doing? I tried updating to the latest version of Lectora this morning and that did not do the trick.