Archiving Lectora Online Project to save space

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Hi everyone.

We are considering a move from Lectora Inspire to Lectora Online. One of our concerns is the 4GB limit on cloud storage. How do you all navigate this limitation?

I can't test this in my trial version, but I'm wondering if it is feasible to export projects as Lectora Online packages and archive them on my computer drive, freeing up space on my cloud storage, with the option to bring them back into Lectora Online in the future if changes need to be made to the projects.




  • krodgers6170
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    Hi Dom,

    That's exactly what I have done in the past. Download the .pkg file from Lectora Online and save it in my Google Drive. I manage all my working files and published files in a spread sheet in Google so it's easy to search and access packages.

    Two weeks after a course launch is when I'll download the .pkg file and make more space for working projects in Lectora Online.


    Hope that helps.
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    For the Professional or Team plans you can add 1GB @ $15/yr so for $150/yr more you can have 14GB of storage.
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    Thanks Kelsey and Joe. Very helpful.