Test Feedback

amansfield8753 Community Member Posts: 18
Today my co-worker and I were discussing options for Tests in Lecotra when he brought up a question that I wasn't sure how to answer. Currently at the end of our courses we give our learners a 10 question quiz. If the learner answers 8 or more questions correctly they pass and if they don't they fail.

I know that Lectora has the Results Designer where at the end of a test/quiz you can give the learner feedback on the questions that they missed. My question is can I customize it so that it only gives the feedback for the questions that are missed to the people that passed the quiz? We want our passing learners that missed 1 or 2 questions to know which questions they missed and what the correct answers are. What we are trying to avoid is, someone answers everything wrong, then gets all 10 correct answers at the end via the results designer, and then when they retest they just plug in the correct answers without actually learning the material.

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