Can I move an object to a variable location?

jfrench5556 Community Member Posts: 17
I want to be able to move an object to different locations, and I assumed that using a variable as the X and/or Y positions would do that. But it seems that the first time I run a program, it hard-codes the location into the MoveTo location, and doesn't change after that. The variable value changes (I wrote out the variable in a text box), but the MoveTo box and the actual position of the object indicate that the location is not changing. What am I missing?




  • raungnaing
    raungnaing Community Member Posts: 35
    In the Move action, you specify variables for X Position and Y position. See the attached image where XPos and YPos are the variables. (Those are actually the variables for Entry Field objects, so that I can change them easily).  When you run the action, the object will move to the location specified by XPos and YPos.

    So, may be in your case you need to trigger that action?