Bottom Toolbar Missing After Upgrade to Lectora 18 (18.0.2)!

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Before my most recent upgrade to version 18.0.2, I had a very useful toolbar at the bottom of my screen, which included things like "Preview in Browser," size and position info, zoom, and, I think, alignment shortcuts (although I'm not's hard to remember exactly what I had down there all at once....I keep realizing something else is missing when I go to use it).

How can I get this toolbar back? I can't find anything in the options and I really want it back!!


  • cainam
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    Do you have the blue bar down at the bottom, but just empty?  If so, you can right-click on it, and you should have the 'Status Bar Configuration' options to check View Mode, Align, Zoom, Zoom Slider.
    - Adam Cain
  • tecocat
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    @cainam - Thanks for the thought, but, no...there's NOTHING down there! I'm sure there must be some way to turn the Status Bar back on (thanks for the correct terminology), but I can't seem to find it. I checked the Help file and, while it explains what's on/how to use the Status Bar, it doesn't say anything (that I could find) about how to turn it on/off.

    Are you using v. 18.0.2? If you are, and you can still see it, that at least gives me some hope that I'll be able to get it back at some point....
  • tecocat
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    @cainam - Never mind....I figured it out! Somehow, the window was in a non-maximized state, BUT was bigger vertically than would fit on the screen. (No idea how that happened!). Once I clicked to maximize the window, my status bar was back. Phew! :)

    (But, again, thank you for taking the time to respond...I definitely appreciated that and just knowing that it should still be there made me go back and try again to figure out this mystery.)