External Fileshre Links within SABA

We have just switched LMS systems from SAP SuccessFactors to Saba. A large amount of our content for specific reasons has hyperlinks within the Lectora course that link the user to a file on a local fileshare. We do this with a transparent button (over the desired text/image) usually and the launch program/file action and enter a file:// before the fileshre location. This has worked well in SuccessFactors.

Once we switched to Saba all of these links no longer work. We still have access to all of the same fileshares, so that is not the issue. We have tried hyperlinking to the files a few different ways that have worked in the past, but that does not work now.

Does anyone have experience linking to an outside fileshare in a course that is uploaded to Saba?


  • carlfink
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    Sounds like SABA is blocking the file:// URLs as a security violation.

    They are correct. That is indeed a security hole. You'd have to ask SABA experts if there's a way to turn that off.

    I'm unable to think of a reason you would link to a local file from a networked e-learning course. I'm sure you have one, but I'm not able to think of it. The file is different for every course-taker but is universally on their local storage?