SCORM Interoperability Issues with Lectora 18

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Good morning Everyone,

I was finally able to get the 508 approval to my course, however, I’m running into another issue with the LMS folks.  Here’s the issue:

- I created a reward token for users when they complete each lesson.

- The token page appears in a pop-up window when the user clicks on a button.

- LMS marks the course “unsuccessful” when the user closes the pop-up window and the entire course.

- The “unsuccessful” status should be incomplete.

I test it in SABA LMS 1.2

Any thoughts how to fix it?

thank you,


  • timk
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    I'll try although I'm not yet on Lectora 18 and I don't know Saba ...

    Unsuccessful / failed should mean "completed with an insufficient score". I was wondering why the status should be "incomplete" when they receive a reward for completing the course. But usually the status would not change to "completed" without an action. Do you have an action to modify "AICC_Lesson_Status" before the token page?

    How did you set up the score?

    Can you post a sample?
  • tmichael9734
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    Thank you Tim. Yes, I did have AICC_Lesson_Status at the last page of the training.  Thanks to your response, I could figure out the glitch.  I had a test after each lesson then a final test at the end of the training.  Originally, I shouldn't grade the lessons' tests, only the final test should be graded.  When I reviewed the Results tab for each test, I found that I've graded lesson 1, and that's why it fails the SCORM testing because it rendered "unsuccessful" status as soon as they complete lesson 1 test.

    Many thanks for your response.