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Please Fix Button Issues

mnelson Community Member Posts: 24 ♪ Opening Act ♪
Please fix the known issue with standard buttons that appear blurry when published. This problem has been in the Lectora product for a very long time and needs to be addressed. I continue to receive complaints, and I shouldn't have to become a programmer to write custom code to implement a workaround. Buttons are a basic function that should just plain work, and work properly out of the box.

Also, buttons should not reduce in size on tablet and phone views (in responsive design). They should maintain their size, as they need to accommodate the user's finger presses. It is very frustrating to manually resize every button for every screen size to its original dimensions.


  • acurry-2175
    acurry-2175 Community Member Posts: 2
    I'm also having issues with buttons looking burry when published. It's surprising seeing how many posts there are on this subject dating back to 2016 - buttons are a fairly fundamental feature of course creation. I would have thought fixing this issue would be high priority.
  • acurry-2175
    acurry-2175 Community Member Posts: 2
    Time to eat humble pie - seems to be an issue with Microsoft Edge. Just tested my course in Chrome and Explorer and the buttons are much clearer in my published product.
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