Spanish Closed Captioning

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When I type Spanish accents into Notepad all looks perfect, but once the closed captioning is added to Lectora and the course is played, the accents are replaced with an odd question mark error symbol. Has anyone found a way around this? Our CEO is wanting this project done today, so I only have a few hours to work a miracle.

Also, is there a way to make the CC option say Spanish instead of English at the bottom of the player?

Thanks a ton for your help friends!


  • smiller7502
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    Non-English closed caption files must specify the language in the filename. This should solve both problems, I think.

    For instance, if you are using .SRT files, the file naming convention is:

    <b>filename.[language code]_[country code].srt</b>


    Here are the valid language-country code combinations for Spanish:
    <ul class="uiList _1_ey _4kg _6-h _6-j _6-i">
    <li class="_1_ez"><b>es_CL</b> (Spanish - Chile)
    <li class="_1_ez"><b>es_CO</b> (Spanish - Colombia)
    <li class="_1_ez"><b>es_ES</b> (Spanish - Spain)
    <li class="_1_ez"><b>es_LA</b> (Spanish)
    <li class="_1_ez"><b>es_MX</b> (Spanish - Mexico)
    <li class="_1_ez"><b>es_VE</b> (Spanish - Venezuela)

    Good luck!
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    Oh fantastic!! That explains a lot. You are a hero!

    My captions are in XML. Do you happen to know what should be entered for an XML version?
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    I don't, sorry. Wouldn't be surprised if it's the same, though.
  • scoggins
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    When editing the Closed Caption files with non A-z characters in an text editor, be sure to save the files in Unicode / UTF-8 format.

    Microsoft Notepad uses ANSI by default.  When saving the first time, there is a format selector labeled 'Encoding:' next to the Save button.  Select Unicode, then Save.

    Other text editors offer the similar options, such as Notepad++ menu item Encoding offers several choices.