CenarioVR not working on Oculus Go

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Hi all. I have created some content and published it live. The link works good on a laptop and I can complete the whole course. However when I do this on my oculus it loads up but when I go to look at the hotspots to move around etc it doesn't seem to work. Sometimes if I catch the corner of a hotspot it will work but only sometimes. Any help would be great.


From Richard in Yorkshire, England.


  • t_johnb
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    Hi Richard,

    I'm not sure here, but are you using the CenarioVR app for the Go to access you content? Go (ha!) to the store on your Oculus device and download the CenarioVR App, and then load it that way. Selecting the hotspots should be with the controller and should work flawlessly.

    If I missed the boat here and you are already using the App, let me know. The Go is a device we use quite often around here.
  • rgrice7195
    rgrice7195 Community Member Posts: 4
    Thank you, all working great now