Custom Styled "Last Viewed Page in Course" PopUp Windows

elviszoparo Community Member Posts: 16

I was wondering, it is possible to create a custom popup window with information about "last viewed page in course".

I think it could be done by custom CSS styles that will override system style but maybe it can be done by creating such popup window in lectora and then used it as default in course.

And one more think, can I force user to always go to last viewed page in course skipping this popup windows with question does he/she want to go to last viewed page. I want student to always go last viewed page in course.


  • timk
    timk Community Member Posts: 1,236 ✭ Legend ✭
    I don't know how to style the popup. It's a browser prompt that looks differently in every browser. I'm not too confident it could be reached with CSS.

    I tested in moodle to build my own bookmarking system. If you check "Prompt the user to navigate to the last viewed page" several things happen:

    The filename of the current page is put into AICC_Lesson_Location on every page. This variable is saved to the LMS in cmi.core.lesson_location.

    When the user reopens the course the value is retrieved from the LMS and the prompt is shown to either go to the bookmark or the first page.

    If you don't check "Prompt ..." you can rebuild only those parts you need:

    AICC_Lesson_Location can be used as any variable, i.e. you can put the filename of the page into it with a single action on title level. If "Prompt the user..." is unchecked Lectora won't change it, but it will send it to the LMS automatically.

    It will also automatically retrieve the value automatically when the course is reopened. If the prompt is disabled it won't do anything with it, but you can use the value to direct the user to that page, or create your own prompt / or button to let the users decide.