Users not prompted to last viewed page after closing /variables not holding

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Users are no longer prompted to return to last page viewed after closing, then reopening.  Sent back to page one and all saved variables are also not holding. Yes, it is published to prompt user to the last viewed page and all variables are set to save between sessions.  This is a new issue and in a healthcare system, users have to frequently go back and forth between learning and patient care so this must work.  Nothing has changed in our version of Lectora, Scorm 1.2 or our learning management system.

Our LMS administrator indicates nothing has changed on their end and our IT department can watch it make the cookie but it won't interact with the LMS.

LMS is on a Citrix farm but can be accessed outside of Citrix.  Tried multiple courses in both environments and the variables will not hold.

Any thoughts?  This is a huge issue.


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    The first question you need to ask is if the data is making into the LMS's stored SCORM variables. If you have direct access to the database, see if the bookmark is actually being set. Then check the suspend data to see if the other variables are being saved.

    You need to know if the LMS is getting the data and the course is not retrieving it or if the data itself is not making it to the database.

    If you can't access the SCORM data directly, try making a page with a couple of actions to change the contents of a text box with a few of the variables. This is also a quick way to see if the data is making it.
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    sounds like you are still needing to troubleshoot the source of the issue - from your perspective, nothing has changed anywhere, and now things aren't working?  some ideas on maybe how to help narrow down the issue:
    1. Does this happen with every browser you have available, or just in one of them?
    2. Does this happen with all SCORM courses, or just the Lectora courses (do you have a vendor course you could test, or something build in a different authoring tool?)
    3. Does this happen when accessed from within citrix, and without, or just one or the other?
    4. Does this happen to no matter where you house the SCORM file? (in case you have more than one location you are hosting from, or on a different server than the LMS (maybe that is only for AICC type)
    5. Does this happen with AICC content and SCORM, or just SCORM?
    bottom line is that SOMETHING has changed if it all worked before, and then suddenly it isn't.  Start with getting the time period narrowed down as much as possible, then you can start looking into what updates went out system-wide within that time period to your user machines, or to the servers you are hosting your platform on.  hope this helps with the troubleshooting...
    - Adam Cain
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    Thanks for the thoughts to explore:

    This happens in both IE and Chrome

    We only use Lectora - not third party content

    It occurs within Citrix and outside Citrix

    We only have one LMS

    We only use Scorm content, Not AICC

    I also sent both replies to our IT support.  Thanks !

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    IT was able to query the table and export the results.   Noticed that the module not having the issue with holding variables/returning to last visited page after reopening (FAST_Action_on_Stroke_2018) has STATUS_SET_BY_SCO set to 0 while all the other modules are set to 1 (these are the ones not holding any variables or directing users upon reopening to last page visited).  Not sure if that has anything to do with it.  I'm attaching an export of the query for you to take a look at.   This was not something the module builders set to change.

    The loss of variables occurs as soon as you close the module and reopen.  This is not an overnight event which may be set to clear cookies automatically.  Any thoughts on this?
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    Hi kcramer,

    I am having the same issue, but I think it is an LMS (Moodle) problem in my case. I wonder if there is any other setting in Lectora that I could change to make it work with Moodle.

    When I upload the course in scorm cloud everything works as it should, they get the prompt window and the progress is saved. But in moodle they automatically start from the first page and the previous progress is not saved. I think this is an indicator that something is wrong with the LMS.

    Which LMS do you use? Have you tested your scorm package in scorm cloud?

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    Usually it should work by checking "Prompt the user to navigate to the last viewed page". It might be moodle or Lectora. In my courses produced with Lectora 17 it works.

    Does "cmi.core.lesson_location" contain a value?
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    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for the reply.

    It is a bit strange... In the course, I have some content slides and at the end an assessment. When users complete the assessment (unsuccessfully or successfully) the scorm sends the cmi.core.lesson_location, the results of the test and the suspended data. In that case, they also see the prompt window, if they try to access the course again. But if they leave the course before they complete the assessment (unsuccessfully or successfully), then the only data sent to moodle is: cmi.core.lesson_status incomplete. Thus, when they try to re-access the course, they do not see the prompt window and their progress is not saved.

    Is there a way to add an action in each page and send the lesson location and suspended data when they see each page?
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    The bookmark variable in Lectora is "AICC_Lesson_Location". It should be updated automatically on each page. You might check if that is happening. It can also be modified with a normal "Modify variable" action. The values should be sent when the window is closed latest. Otherwise you can try to run LMSCommit(); through javascript.
  • kchronopoulos9321
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    How can I check if the lesson location is updated in each page?

    If I use the modify variable action, what value should I give to it?

    I prefer to try these first, before messing with JS...
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    Use a "On: Timed Interval" action to change the content of a textfield with VAR(AICC_Lesson_Location). It will only work in the LMS of course.

    The value needs to be the filename of the page, e.g. "a001_chapter_1_page_1.html" or "page12345.html"

    If AICC_Lesson_Location contains the correct value, you can use a trick that Joe gave:

    Add an action on title level:

    On: Show
    Action: Modify variable
    Target: AICC_Score
    Type: Set
    Value: VAR(AICC_Score)

    The score won't be changed by this action but it contains LMSCommit();
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    Hi Tim,

    Thank you very much for your help!

    I did not have to try the work arounds. As you can see here, Dominic shared a file that he received from support, which solved also my problem. It seems there is a bug, that will be officially addressed in the next update.

    Thanks again.

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    Kostas or anyone,

    Can you send the work around file shared by Dominic?  I do not see within the thread.  Our physicians are furious sending emails and angry calls.  Some of our courses are very involved.  The issue of not directing back to last viewed location or saving variable does not happen with courses published in 2018, just within the past few months.  All modules are set to retain variables and prompts user back to last viewed location. This is at a point that we may need to go to another authoring software after more than 10 years if this can't be resolved.