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Welcome to the Lectora 18.1 Accessibility Beta Test

To Download & Install The Build

The Lectora 18.1 beta build can be downloaded here:

No Longer Available

Please install the build as a trial in a dedicated folder. Note that the build will expire on June 15, 2019. At the end of the beta testing period, be sure to uninstall the build. This is not an official Lectora release, and the build will not be updated or supported. It is for testing purposes only.

To Provide Feedback

Submit your feedback, questions, and comments via the private LAUG Testers group on the Trivantis Community. If you are not already a member of the Trivantis Community, you can sign up here. To become a member of the group, request membership. From there, you’ll have access to a private forum where we can review issues and bugs, and discuss questions that arise.

Important Note

The beta build provided to you is a pre-release, unofficial build of Lectora. Please remember to make a copy of any and all courses before opening them in the beta build. We suggest you create a new, dedicated folder with copies of any titles you wish to test. This will help ensure you do not inadvertently overwrite an active title while you are beta testing Lectora 18.1. Do not conduct any official “production” work on this build.

What To Test

The period for providing feedback will last approximately two weeks. You can contribute as much or as little time as you need to test the new build. Any and all feedback on the specific Lectora 18.1 accessibility improvements are appreciated.

During this time, we ask that you test copies of your titles in your build of Lectora 18.1 to ensure your content functions as expected, and to test out the new features.

New Features

The new accessibility feature in Lectora 18.1 allows initially hidden text, shapes, and buttons to be recognized by screen readers once they are displayed. 18.1 will also support accessible Lightbox Popups. This will enable courses to utilize modern pop-ups, click to reveal text, question feedback on the page, and significantly more interactivity within accessible courses.


  • Initially hidden text blocks, when shown (via a Show action) will be announced by screen readers.

  • Initially hidden shapes and buttons, when shown (via a Show action) will be announced by screen readers.

  • Lightbox Popups, when displayed, will be announced by screen readers

  • A new Text Block property “Hide from Screen Reader” will hide text from screen readers so it does not get announced.

Note: Images, Buttons, Text as Image with the Empty ALT Tag option property enabled will not be recognized by screen readers (as it currently behaves) and will not be announced if displayed after initially hidden (unless actions are attached to those objects).

Note: Lectora supports the latest version of JAWS and NVDA, using Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox.

Existing Courses

We want to ensure that courses built before 18.1 still function as expected, specifically those that were developed to handle the current restriction for initially hidden objects. Please test copies of existing courses to ensure they function correctly without issue.

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