Hot spot question issue - Hot spots and buttons are being moved by the program

lb1730 Community Member Posts: 13

I’m using Lectora Inspire (version 18.0.2). Since the latest upgrade, I am experiencing issues with hotspot questions. It appears as if the program moves and shrinks the hotspots and the buttons that are used on its own. The problem appears to affect all views.

There are two issues happening. First, when I copy pages with questions on them, the hotspots move and I have to move them back manually. Second, I have the questions completed and perfectly aligned, I move on to another section and when I get back to the questions the hotspots and buttons are misaligned. It almost seems as if the hotspots and buttons area have shrunk. Please see attached screenshot. The buttons and fields were larger and centered in the respective areas.

I tried to just fix them manually, but when I get back to the question the fields are moved again. I tried locking the position and size of the items, but it made no difference. I tried troubleshooting, but I cannot find any issues with my programming. I was also not able to find a solution online. I use the hotspot and drag-and-drop questions quite often and it seems that the issue started with Lectora Inspire version 18.0.2.

Have anyone run into this problem? I would appreciate any advice on how to solve it.

Thank you in advance.