Section in Test disappeared

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Test was created which then, at the request of the client, required a section adding within it, I tried this on a test test and all was fine, however when I added a section to the test and moved the question pages into it, it disappeared. Anyone have any experience of this and why it may have happened? Have lost work and am concerned it will happen again if I'm missing something when adding a section that is causing it to lose the information?


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    Hi Heidi,

    What Lectora Product and version are you using? I would be interested to know if you can reproduce this.


  • hdavenport7739
    hdavenport7739 Community Member Posts: 4
    Hi Joe


    I'm using Lectora online, latest version, Hopefully I can't make it disappear again as trying to avoid that. I built the test in one section, then moved some questions to a newly inserted section, the questions were all there while I was working in the main screen, as soon as I clicked on the menu on the left to move to another page, the whole section disappeared. I can see no logical reason for this to have happened. If you have any ideas that would be most helpful to prevent it happening again.